The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) reaches out to youth from elementary school through college to encourage caring about and caring for animals. From their bi-monthly newsletter KIND News to programs such as Mission: Humane, they provide information, step-by-step projects, rewards, and support to young people and community leaders interested in getting active for animals. In Finding Danny, 12-year-old Bree discovers that one person can make a big difference for animals. Imagine how much many young people working together can do! Be a part of the action—Join Mission: Humane or find out about other HSUS programs for young people at

"This quick-paced story...will encourage young animal enthusiasts to get involved in their community animal-rescue efforts and readers of all sorts to stay connected with friends and family."

Angela Leeper

"FINDING DANNY by Linzi Glass is a book everyone will enjoy. Although the intended reading age is nine years old to twelve years old, readers of all ages will love Bree, the main character, and her inspired quest to rescue dogs"

Pamela Kramer,
Chicago Examiner, Young Adult Fiction